Why The Croatian Autumn Is Magic For Wine Lovers

Croatia, renowned for its vast variety of indigenous grape varieties, offers an incredible wine tasting experience - particularly in the months of September and October. The weather is mild and the grape harvest is in full swing, providing the perfect setting for wine tourism. Here's what you have to look forward to: Discover indigenous grape varieties. Croatia is a treasure trove of indigenous grape varieties, many of which you won't find elsewhere. This means the wine you taste here will be unique, a product of the country's specific soil and climate conditions.

Varieties like Plavac Mali, Malvazija, and Posip yield wines that are deeply evocative of the Mediterranean terrain they grow in. Witness the grape harvest. 

There's something special about being in wine country during the harvest, where the air is filled with excitement and the aroma of ripe grapes. Many wineries allow visitors to partake in the harvesting process, giving you a hands-on experience that deepens your understanding and appreciation of winemaking.‍ Enjoy wine tastings in centuries-old cellars. Wine tasting in Croatia isn't just about the wines – it's also about the places where they're stored and savored. Centuries-old cellars, carved out of rock or nestled into the sides of hills, are not just picturesque but also offer ideal conditions for aging wines. The wine tasting experience in these cellars is often paired with delicious local foods, creating a memorable gastronomic journey.

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