Myth: Travel Agents Don't Exist in 2021

“Yes, we do!'“

Last week I had my annual physical at the VA Clinic. In conversation with my doctor, I mentioned what I do now since my military retirement almost 3 years ago. I told him that I started a travel agency. 

The doctor immediately stopped his intake questions and data entry into the computer. He looked up and exclaimed, “What?? They still exist?” 

For the next fifteen minutes, he told me about the travel agency that he used when he traveled in his 20s. He recollected his time of going into Liberty Travel in NY. He would share with his travel agent where he wanted to go, then he’d grab a magazine, take a seat, read a bit, then walk out with an itinerary and airline tickets to some destination. 

Doc smiled at me, “I’m surprised that travel agents still exist. I could have used you on my trip to Senegal. I spent hours, many hours researching on that trip. It didn’t turn out like I thought it would. I wish I had you to tell me what to expect.” 

Benefits of working with a travel agent/advisor
Travel agents are there for you to be on the lookout for you. If something goes wrong, travel agents know how to fix it. Travel agents/advisors want to support you through the whole process - through the planning, going, and returning from your trip. 

Travel agents do this for a living. We have connections and knowledge to make sure your trip is right for you. We will ensure that resorts, airlines, and other travel industry encounters treat you well. 

Folks, travel advisors are obsessed with “everything” travel. Nothing is more exciting to us than staying up-to-date on all things travel. 

My aim as a travel advisor is to remove the confusion and frustration that comes from planning your vacation. Many people, like my doctor, felt overwhelmed by all of the decisions that you must make in putting together a vacation. 

As your travel advisor, I’ll walk you through the process of planning a wonderful vacation. I’ll take away the fear that may overcome you. I have a millennial who calls me every time he wants to fly somewhere. It seems like a simple task, but he says he is fearful of making the wrong move in selecting an airline ticket.

 Please don’t forgo taking a vacation because you don’t want to spend your time researching and planning that vacation. Just forgo planning it yourself. Simply give me a call or text - share your desires and priorities of your vacation. Let me plan your vacation for you. 

Yes, travel agents exist! Let me do the work for you.

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