Let's Get Started

Many of you know that Paige retired from the US Army Chaplain Corps, and in January we opened our own travel agency.  Paige has been rocking and rolling with booking travel for new clients in locations that we are familiar with.  We want to take our travel agency to the next level and make sure that we personally experience the places and people that our clients want to experience.  We want to connect hotels, travel guides and excursions for our clients and be able to personally vouch for a location and a guide’s integrity and reliability.

We are committed to providing our clients with an amazing experience without them having to worry about all of the work and research involved with planning a trip of a lifetime.  I am going to start blogging about our experiences.  

Over the next three months we will travel to over 10 different countries from the Silk Road in China to the DMZ in the Koreas to the Kremlin in Russia and to most of the countries in Eastern Europe.  Follow our blog for experiences and photos of some amazing places.  We are stepping outside of our comfort zones in a major way in order to make the unknown known.

We truly believe that the world is a divided place and we want to show you the common faces of humanity and the common experiences that transcend cultures and generations across the globe.  We are one world and we believe in loving our neighbors.  Please join us in this journey from the safety of your couch and dream about seeing these places and experiencing these people and their cultures yourself.

We have a vast knowledge of locations across the globe due to our past travel experiences and Paige’s military service.  If any of these experiences call or challenge you, please let us know.  We'd be extremely honored to help you discover your trip of a lifetime. 

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